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Invasive Species Management

Honeysuckle or buckthorn taking over your property? We can help! Our experienced invasives-combat-team can help you determine and implement the best approach for your specific problem species and site.

Herbicide Application

Our team of certified herbicide applicators can help you determine the correct herbicide for the job and also evaluate other weed management approaches. From pre- to post-emergence and large to small scales, we have you covered.

Harvesting & Maintenance

Have more yield in your fruit and nut crops than you have time to harvest? Give us a call and we’ll work out a sharecropping arrangement with you. Just because you grow perennial crops doesn’t mean sharecropping has to get thrown out the window. We’re here to help.

Broadcast Seeding

Whether you’re seeding a new pasture, rehabilitating a declining food plot, or inter-seeding in an existing prairie, we have you covered. Our variable-rate spreader can distribute seed at any density and throw width.

Species Inventory

Starting a new project and overwhelmed by the many species already present on your land? Not sure if you’re looking at a rare savanna remnant or a community of exotic species. Our experienced field ecologists can help you navigate the community at hand and give you guidance on how to manage it.

Land Surveying

Need to mark off some contour lines, new paddocks, or project boundaries? We can get you flags in the ground and maps from the air. Our state-of-the-art equipment keeps our work efficient and accurate.

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